Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh, Samuel....

Hola Familia!

How is every lil thing? Texas is great. Its about 60 degrees here
every day. Me ENCANTA!!!! I am very sleep all of the time, but I love

Texas, and all of the people here are actually reminding me a ton of
when we lived in Florida. Its funny how these things can be brought
back to your rememberance! I love it. The food - I learned how to make
flutas, and very yummy salsa. And weird thing is, I've actually lost
weight...? I'm confused about that one.

This week was really good!! We were knocking doors one night and ran
into a family of four - The Castillo Family. They are awesome. They
have a lot of really good questions and boy oh boy, the Dad, Gerardo
knows his bible really well! He took the Book of Mormon very well
actually, a lot better than what I was thinking. What I like about the
Castillo family is that they let you talk. And when you testify to
them they say very supportive things about Christ's church. I know
that the Mom feels the spirit! You can just tell when you look in her
eyes! This family will probably take some time, but I just love them!

We also taught Jose and his wife Alejandra Castro. Now, Jose. He
believes that 9 years ago a witch cast a spell on him and that he has
been cursed by him ever since....... (at least that is what I
understood. this was all in spanish.) But we talked to him about
prayer, and repentance, and that he can become clean. He has a true
desire to be baptised. Also: I guess about 20 years ago he was taught
by missionaries!!! So cool!

Ricardo Leos and his "wife" we found out are not casado!!
NOOOooooOOOOooo!... It's okay. Ricardo likes it enough that I think
that he will want to still be married to his "esposa" and still be
baptised. They've lived together for 11 years- since they've had
Maria, their 11 year old daughter! Maria is so funny. Maria can speak
english, but I make her talk to me in Spanish. She loves church, and
is really excited to be baptised!

La familia Gonzalez. The Noche de Hogar fell through last minute. That
was sad. I really think that is what they need, but they just are
afraid to act. Then they didn't come to church again, so I'm not
really sure what will happen. They are the best family ever. I just
wish that they would come to church! Rubi the 7 year old daughter is
the greatest example. Hermana Jones and I made these paper flowers for
Marta (the mother) because her sister had just passed away. On each of
the flowers we wrote scriptures of comfort. Both in the Book of
Mormon, and the Bible. Anyways, Rubi and Marta were reading some of
the scriptures, and Rubi was like, "one more, mama!" They are such a
sweet family, and I have no doubt in my mind that someday they will be
baptised. Just am not sure when that day will be.

Elder Duncan from the seventy came and spoke wilth us for a Mission
Conference! It was soo good! Wow. I learned so much from him. He
started the meeting asking us to ask ourselves what we would like to
learn from the spirit today. My two questions were:
- How can I be a more faithful and a more diligent missionary?
- What is is that I need to teach my future children?
Do you know what he focused on during most of the meeting?
Love, and Charity.
This one subject answered both of my questions. I can be more faithful
and diligent by loving the people, and by having the same vision for
them that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for them. And I can
teach my future children to Love One Another, and Christ has loved
them - by giving them that same love. (sorry I realize the redundance
of that last sentence. Just take it for what it is.) I can see the
eternal worth of people, and it makes me so sad when I see the people
not doing these simple things like reading their scriptures, and going
to church. I can imagine that this is how Heavenly Father feels when
He sees one of his children make a small wrong decision. Or when he
can see how close we are to making the right decision, but then we
don't have the faith to act! I just want to show these people their
eternal worth, and just how much Heavenly Father loves them!

In the middle of the conference:

President durrant likes to make up songs.
The song has four verses, and the last verse is very much like the first three!!

I'm in Heaven,
I'm in Heaven,
In the Texas Dallas Mission
I'm in Heaven.

Then Sister Durrant stands up
"And my version of the song goes.... I'm in Heaven, 'cause I've got Devin"
bajajajajaja! Oh, President and Sister Durrant are so great!

okay funny story of the week:
Hermana Jessica Jones (from Idaho Falls, mom) and I were knocking, and
we talk to everyone that we see! So we see this kid who is about 15
years old. His name is Samuel. Looks about 5 feet tall, and had this
saweeet mexi-pre-teen-stache goin' on.
We gave him a pass along card - with the # he can call to get the
Finding Faith in Jesus Christ video on it. Anyways, as we shake his
hand goodbye he says in ENGLISH "you 2 are preeety...." and they
slyfully puts his arm on my shoulder like he was giving me an awkward
side hug.
jajajajaja, I can laugh about it now, but at that moment I was like --
Hermana Jones, please save me!!!
So great. I'm glad that I can get complements when I'm on a MISSION
and when I DON'T get ready for the day. So cool!

One more story:
I think that my favorite part of the week was in coordination meeting
actually, with the ward mission leader, Hermano Madrano. In our
district we have 2 Elders, Hna. Jones and I, and then a set of Senior
Missionaries. Hermano y Hermana Bagley (love them!) Anyways, Hermana
Bagley does not speak any spanish. So in coordination meeting Hermano
Madrano ended the meeting with his testimony in English. Holy cow! The
spirit just swept into the room. The all of us sisters in the room
were just crying our little eyes out! I know EXACTLY how it is trying
to testify to someone in a language that you've never learned before.
Anyways. I love the ward I am serving in - Rowlett 3rd! Best Bishop,
Best ward mission leader! Awesome!

Anyway family (and frenz), know how much I love you! I pray for you every day!

Te amo muchisisisisimo!
Hermana [e]Spencer

p.s. y'all should send me like a picture of the week or something! Just an idear

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