Thursday, February 9, 2012

last week in the empty sea! {thanks Jordz!}

Hola y'all ustedes!!!!!!!
I got the travel plans mum! Which is good, but now I have just been anxious and such to pack...
Padre, Thank you for the spanish e-mail. I understood it! I will try my best to not speak spanglish/tex mex/ pocho??? what is that? At least with investigators.
Madre, You're the BEST!!! I love you sooooooo much. Thanks for taking advantage of those dear elders. I love getting those! I love getting any mail!
Erin, I hear you've gotten a whole lot funnier since I've been gone! Congratulations!
Evan, I have heard little to nothing from or about you. Hope you're doing just swell. Work hard with Tennis!
Rudy, how are the Pupperoni's?? The second counselor in our Branch Presidency runs the company that makes those. I love him - (Brother Menlove)
Maya, I love you too :)
So the Taco Amigo Package??!? OH. MY. GOODNESS! I have been saying for at least the past three weeks -- "You know what I could REeeeeally go for right now? A Taco Amigo bean burrito." Oh, yeeesssss. It was the best meal ever! Thank you family for being so thoughtful! I love you all sooo much! I didn't realize how much I wanted some until I opened the box, and smelled the addicting substances. Yikes. I am addicted to TA.... jajajajaja. Bless all y'alls almas.
Also: I will be writing Marge a Thank You letter. But in the mean time Erin, tell her that I really appreciated the Journal, and the $. She did not need to do that! She is such a dulce corazon (yes, dad. I realize this is incorrect. But hilarious to me.) Anyways, Tell her thanks. And I love the game that Bishop Greg came up with. 'Where do you think Marge is right now.' Mercy. I would win at that game! Love that lady!
We do some online studying every Sunday, and this Sunday we were able to create profiles. Since I already had one, I did some profile stalking? It's what missionaries do instead of facebook stalking. I found: Erin's profile! As well as one of the Spanish teachers. That's about it. Jaja. It was still sweet! profiles- fam, all of you need to make one! They are cool!
Also on Sunday we had to fill out our teacher evaluation forms. Elder Tanner Lebaron - SLAYS me. Oh man. So we have this really pretty teacher - Hermana Mullen, who is engaged to one of the 70's sons (Elder Pino!) Anyways, under the suggestion box, Elder Lebaron wrote only three words: Wait for me.
Oh my goodness. So then yesterday we were walking to go teach Hermana Mullen as herself - which was way cool by the way (we got to do it in English because that is her native tongue.) anyways, she was dying! She was like, its a good thing I am engaged because my boss looks at those! And then we all laughed about it. We have the best teachers! Hermano Parke I scared SO bad the other day. We have this peep hole on the outside of our door. And I looked through it before going into our classroom, and saw that he was about to come out. So right as he opens the door, i go "RAWWR!" And his face - hahaha. turned white! So funny! And then he laughed and said "Buenos Dias." Killed me.
I have really enjoyed all of my time here in the MTC (empty sea.. jordzz....)!! I have been SO blessed with the people that I have met. Those people I am sure I will remember for the rest of my whole life. My district has just become my family. We have never had unity problems, and I am so grateful for that! I think if there has been anything that I have learned while being here in the MTC is that a) I am here at the right time. At the right place. The experiences and the people that I will meet in Dallas, are especially for me. I can not WAIT to hit the field! It is going to be an incredible experience! and then b) I have learned how important it is to rely on the Spirit. How important it is to help the investigator to recognize the Spirit. The MTC is a special place. I think it is just an extension of the temple grounds. It's really cool to be here, and these past two months that I have had, I will never get back. So I am glad that I have used my time here wisely.
Okay family (and frenz), I love everyone SO MUCH! Thank you for all of the letters! You are the best!
Te Amo Mucho,
Hermanna Anna

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