Saturday, November 19, 2011

my last day

today is my last day at the infamous

Taco Amigo.

i have worked there for 5.5 years..

as much as i hate being there, as much as i hate dealing with angry customers, and as much as i hate being patient with new employees...

i love it.

i never thought i would say this, but
i think i'm going to miss working there.

things i have learned while working at taco amigo:
- i've learned to laugh (instead of cry) when things get crazy and almost impossible to overcome
- when you keep a smile on your face, your day goes tremendously better
- kill with kindness
- don't make a big deal of small matters
- be nice to everyone; even when you're in a terrible mood
- if you judge people, then you have no time to love them

I'm going to miss my weekend bishops interview's with Bishop Greg. love him.
I'm going to miss Marge making herself root beer floats and slurping them while helping customers (that's not against health code.....)
I'm going to miss cleaning the ice cream machine and blasting my doris day music
I'm going to miss Gary adding things to my check lists
I'm going to miss all of the t.a. inside jokes
I'm going to miss Kylie and her boy stories - "my boyfriend shows affection to me by vandalizing my house."
I'm going to miss my weekly chats with the Meat Man (I'm trying to convert him)
I'm going to miss all of my taco amigo's. I love them all.

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