Thursday, June 3, 2010

blind date.

Remember how I'm going on a Blind Date tonight?

I know nothing about this kid. Seriously, not a thing.

not even his name.

he could either be a) a peice of creep toast, b) a real nerd bomber, or c) a triple hottie.

let's hope for option 3!

I called mom today to tell her the news, and then Grandpa goes, "Ask her if this guy carries a white cane when he walks." Haha (: I love Grandpa's humor.

The Grandpa humor then got me thinking of blind people..

You know those tweet bird noises coming out of the DON'T WALK/ WALK signs?.. Well, I thought the tweet noises were just for the blind people, but then how to they know of which direction to walk in once they can hear the bird?

Just a thought..

What do you think happens? If you're blind, please comment. Also if you're blind, how are you reading this? OH man...


anna mae

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