Thursday, October 9, 2014

Autumn Time

It's autumn time,
It's autumn time, 
The leaves are falling down!

I LOOOOVE this time of year.

Jared has to suffer with me telling him every fall about all of the things that I LOVE about this beautiful season.

just to name a few:

kneaders pumpkin bread
kneaders pumpkin steamers
the leaves changing on the mountains
driving the alpine loop
smelling the air (this is a true one)
shopping at thrift stores for Halloween costumes
candy corn
(Jared hates candy corn... too bad.... more for me!)
stepping on crunchy leaves
Gilmore Girls
(for some reason, I only watch GG during the fall)
Hot Chocolate
watching Disney's Legend of Sleepy Hollow
and Hocus Pocus
my Mom's front porch
and all other fall decor 

My Halloween decor this year WINS!

Meet: The Ghost Family

from left to right: Boo Jr., Spirit, Casper, Donna, and Boo Sr.

Yep, those are dryer sheets that you see hanging over my living room. Why, might you ask, would you hang dryer sheets up?? They're GHOSTS, guys. C'mon! A whole family of ghosts!

Can you guess where we got Boo, and Boo Jr.'s names? Yep. I just barely learned that Jared's whole plan while naming our ghost family, was to name all of them Boo so he wouldn't have to remember which one was which...
 Booooooooooo, you whore! (name that movie!)

note my awesome throw on the back of my couch
my Great Grandma Coleman made it
my Beautiful Aunt Becky gave it to me as a wedding gift. I love her so much for giving that to me. She is such a sweet auntie.

Trick or Treat???

I hope that y'all have fun doing your favorite things of this beautiful time of year!

Happy Autumn Time!

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