Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My little toesies are tickling ye..

Please. Go watch the new

I think it gets funnier the more I watch.

favorite lines:
  • My little toesies are tickling ye... tick tick tick tick
  • I have one question... So guess!
  • These are perfectly normal pancakes kiiiiids
  • I love you mommy, I love you mommy, I love you mommy
  • This is drosss. This is SO drossss
  • Shes doesn't give me peas all day yeeettt.
  • A-HO-DEE-HO!!
  • And guess what to have a sweet tooth means??? It doesn't mean you LIKE candy. It means that YOU WANT SOME!!!
  • I like... ten dollars.
  • Twinkle, twinkle wittow staaw.... Can you guess the name of the song?
  • Time is wunning out!
  •  I know it's green.. but what else. is about it?
  • What in the fweak just happened?
  • None of those things is what beetles eat... twy again.
hope you love as much as I do :)

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