Monday, June 13, 2011


North Field Youth Conference

There isn't anything I would have rather done this past weekend than to be a counselor at this amazing event.

I loved it.

I started off the week getting a little nervous. Thoughts running through my head like, "What if the group of girls that I am over hate me, and end up leaving because of something I say or do."

Then Wednesday night came.
I got to read get-to-know-you sheets about each of the kids that would be in our group. I just had such a wonderful feeling about the girls in my group.

Thursday morning - I finally got to MEET all of my Mia Maids.

All of them are so beautiful.. inside and out.

We had lots of bonding moments. Pretty sure all of them told me which boys they were crushin' on for the week ;) That's what us girls like to talk about. And a lot of spiritual moments as well.

And then Saturday night came. I didn't want to leave the wonderful Young Women that I have spent the last few days with. I have grown to love all of these girls --each so unique and individual.

Amie - photographer
Emily - dances ballet
Emma - sings and plays guitar
Ellie - horse back rider
Karina - dance team
MaKenna - gymnast
Lisa - miss fashionista
Sarah - soccer pro
Paige - swimmer
Shaylee - photographer

I left with a little hole in my heart. I miss them already. I just want them to be safe, and to make sure that they will be alright. Sweet little Emma that last night says, "We can't leave without having our family prayer."
So we did.
I also taught them the cheer my family does after we have family prayer.
"To Eternity and BEYOND!"

I have felt a small portion of the love that He has for each of his children this week.

He wants all of us to be safe.
He wants us to all make the right decisions.
He wants to make sure that we will be alright.

(I'm so glad He is in my circle of friends)

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