Wednesday, December 8, 2010

As seen on TV

Last night was our annual Taco Amigo Christmas Party.

Every year, we have a white elephant gift exchange.

This year this is what I got:

You've heard of the double bumpit i'm sure.... but what about the TRIPLE bumpit?

...and then I turned into a stegosaurus:

And now, my liking for bumpits has increased ten-fold.


  1. Anna once you go bumpit there is NO turning back! Trust me that girl in my chemistry class just (who invented the triple bumpit) just keeps adding more and more! In fact the other day one of her bumpits deflated it was the sadest thing! The left side of her head was flat. Frankly it looked like a tumor!

  2. Oh annnna. These pictures are great. What you forgot to mention is you brought the bumpits........