Monday, July 25, 2011

Post-Pioneer-Day Post

This Holiday is better than the 4th in my opinion.

at least it will be this year!

(my 4th was kinda crappy)

Day Plans:
  • pick up Sarah
  • Hit up Will's Pit-Stop to get me some DVC (diet vanilla coke... SO delicious)
  • go to Park City with Sar-Bear (Outlet Shopping!)
  • come home and nap
  • leave to go to Spanish Fork with Jamm
  • dance to some live music
  • watch the fireworks
  • come home and watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Oh, I love this day!


it's a paid holiday, which makes it that much greater!

p.s. This is my friend, Jared, whom I miss so very dearly. Please keep his Dad tucked in your prayers. He just found out he has stomach cancer. If you could do that, it would be much appreciated.
Love you, Jerrry!

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