Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We had the girls over for the new season of The Bachelor.

It was good. Real good.

My favorites are the two Ashley's.
My friend thought the Salt Lake City girl was the best. He drew a heart around her picture on the cheat sheets I printed out, and wrote: "She's probably mormon." next to her pic. You're right Jordan. She probably is.... NOT! She was the bitty of the group.

Okay, so afterward, Jammie asked my mom if she could get her brows waxed because today she got her bridal pictures taken.

Anyways... All the girls ended up getting their brows done (Thanks Mom!) And so did Jordy.




Lookin' good, Jordan!

Lookin' Good.

Thanks for letting us Manscape you! (just like that Raichel girl from The Bach!)

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