Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Old Rag

Jammie and I

In Oregon, we stayed at
The Pheonix Inn

They probably never want us to come back..

And Here's why:

One night of our trip, Jamm thought that she was developing a sty on her eye. She decided that maybe a warm rag would help with the pain.
As I was sitting on the bed flipping throught the 20 or so television stations, Jammie thought it would be easiest to put the rag in the microwave to get it warm.
a DRY rag... dear, jammie.
After 1 minute goes by, I can start to smell something burning.

Me: Jamm, what are you cooking?
J: I am warming up a rag to put over my eye.
Me: Well how long has it been in there?
J: uhhhhh.....

As she opens the microwave door, smoke starts a brewin about the room.

Jammie takes out the rag.

unfolds it with tender care that she won't burn herself.

and then turns to show me.

a GIANT black spot on the rag.
and now I can barely see through the smokey room.
double sweet.

To discard all evidence of this ever happening (and to avoid any chance of the fire alarm going off), Jammie chooses to take the burnt rag and throw it out of the room, and into the hallway.

dear, dear Jammie

You are cool.

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