Monday, July 19, 2010


Went on a date with Megan and Jared on Saturday. Yes, a date. 2 girls. 1 boy. (we are all taco amigos.) It mostly went that way because Jared claims that he has no guy friends. "They're all on missions, Anna!"

So this date we went on...

Went to Zupas.

And to IKEA.

And it was just great.


I like Jargan.

Jared leaves in 1 month to serve an lds mission in Germany.. and when he comes home, I think He and Megan should get married.

They are real cute.

at IKEA, some of the comments went like this:

  • Jared: "Hey, Megan.. When we're married, can we have this in our house?"
  • Megan: "Jared, How do you like this couch for our family room? It looks cozy."

I'm determined to make this happen.... in 2 years.

Also: if you plan on going to Ikea, please be sure to purchase their $1 frozen yogurt cones.

Seriously, THE BEST!

mmmm so delicious.

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